Last week the aasman team got together and carved, stabbed and massacred pumpkins for the office Hallowe'en ambience. Some of the pumpkins made it and some of them didn't . . .

(Looks like dude had a rough weekend.)

Here's a few Hallowe'en-themed commercials to get you in the mood. Happy Seriously Freak Out the Kids in Your Neighbourhood Day!




by Rona

Good Snickers ad. Both creepy and envy-inducing. I mean, what a dream it would be to shop the aisles of our local Superstore with nothing and no one to contend with but the long arm of one tall chocoholic.

Happy Hallowe’en, Aasmanites!


by Jennifer

I love the Snickers ad, too! Totally get what you’re saying about the envy—although I wouldn’t want to run into anyone who looks like that alone in a darkened aisle.


by Doug Brown

You crazy kids. We are doing our Dia de los Muertos party today. Will send you some pics!


by Jennifer

Awesome. Just saw a photo on facebook—very cool.


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