So, you went on your first press-check. What is that? What were you checking?
From my first experience and in my simplistic words, the press-check is the last proofing stage before a publication gets finally printed. This is where we make sure that all the colours are up to par and consistent throughout the publication. It is also where we have the last chance to scream out “STOP THE PRESSES!” I secretly wanted to say that but fortunately we didn’t have to on this project.

How many times a day did you check, or what was the timeline like?
Knowing that the press operated 24-hours, we were heading into the process with the expectation of long hours and middle of the night call of duty. But the schedule was very manageable. We were definitely on-call and we needed to be available when the press was available. But there wasn’t any middle of the night press checks.

For someone reading the Yukon Vacation Planner, what might they not notice, but appreciate?
We are hoping that the “someone” doesn’t notice anything that has to do with the press check. That’s the point. If there were any glaring colour differences or photos completely off from the realistic photo, then we would not have done our job properly. The colours should be vibrant and consistent throughout the publication. The photos should also be clear and crisp.

What's the result? What's the product like?
The actual product has not yet been delivered. We are anticipating seeing the final outcome of the hard work that was put into the project for the past six months. We are expecting our copies very soon.

Any fun random facts you learned and want to share?
Time is money…and in the printing world, this is a very realistic saying. While we were looking over the sheets for accuracy in colour, there were hundreds of sheets being printed. Once we approved the sheet, all the previous sheets that were printed headed into the recycling bin.

One fun fact about Mitchell Press, the printing company  we were at, is that they play Star Wars every time they change a plate for the printing job. (The sound is a little muddled, but it's still pretty cool.)



by Eleanor

Cool heather! I think you got lucky not to have late night checks. Nice fun fact!


by Kristen

Press checks are such a great thing to do. Its amazing how much can be changed colour-wise on press. Glad that you enjoyed your first PC Heather!!


by Erin

You’ve almost made it to the “Press Check Club” Heather.  Current membership includes members from Aasman and Tourism Yukon - I’m sure the names are on a wall of honor somewhere:o)

You become a full fledge member when you attend at least two middle of the night callouts.  Better luck next year.  Aren’t those rolls of paper something!?!?


by Heather

I was ready for the night calls but they never showed their ugly heads. I even packed an outfit for it!! lol. Maybe next time!!

....there were so many rolls of paper and sooo big!!


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