.. you send aasman's staff down the river on rafts!

Last Wednesday marked aasman's annual teamwork development day. The office was relocated to the Blanchard and Tatshenshini Rivers for a day of rafting.

There we are (minus a few) and ready to roll.

Working together as a team to deliver... the raft.

The special occasion called for fancy black suits.

Like she does in the office, Heather kept us on our toes with unexpected splashes and tackles.

Some splashes were less intentional.

We experienced tipping points first-hand.

The designers found inspiration in their rubber studio and blue thinking caps.

With all her attacks, Heather did not escape getting wet herself. Mark takes a break to read an interesting blog… I mean an interesting cloud form.

This is what happens to bad ideas, and the token guest of our group.

On the other hand, good ideas are worth hanging on to for dear life. Lean left!

In calmer moments the river's beauty spoke for itself. It was a glorious day on the water...

... with a long drive home.



by Jennifer

looks like you guys had a great experience. i wish i’d gotten back from toronto in time to come along. oh well—i’m already pumped for skydiving next year. . . or maybe we could do bungie-jumping? hot-air balloon rides? hmmm?


by Geof Harries

Wait a second, is Zeke reading a celebrity gossip mag?


by eleanor rosenberg

wish you were there jen! ya know, i would be more scared on hotair balloons… more time to blow away into the wild unknown.


by Zeke Aasman

No Geof, not really. Well perhaps. All that I’ll say is Justin and Scarlett have rekindled… apparently.


by Eleanor

looking at those celebrity mags in fascinating… the font they used for the cellulite article was so appropriate!


by Mark

YES! A google+ 1 button!

Oh sorry, love the post too. It was spectacular. The water was the perfect temperature.


by Doug Brown

We had also had a team building event this week. We bought some beer and drank it in the boardroom. There was a similar sense of exhilaration and controlled recklessness. Ok, maybe not that controlled…


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