When it comes to serious issues, most people agree that it's best NOT to be reactionary. Responding to criticism is important, but it has to be done with confidence and illustrate a deep understanding of the issue at hand.

At other times, reacting can be quite fun. Take a recent serious of YouTube videos with a goat theme. Timing is everything—each of these videos on their own can be funny, but the timing of their roll out really makes it so. Each was inspired by the other over a one month period.

This is all to say that:
a) reactionary communications have their time and place.
b) capitalizing on the momentum of a communications project with timing can make or break the longevity of a topic.

Check it out:

Video 1: Goats that yell like humans (February 6th)

Video 2: Goats yelling in a Bon Jovi song (February 24th)

Video 3: Humans yelling like goats that sound like humans (March 5th)

If you've come across any more goat videos, send 'em over!


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