… that's not our goal here at aasman, but we do like chewing the fat with you. So it seems fitting to ask you what kind of talk gets you jazzed. We're auditing our own blog as we work on a strategy for it and Dale Carnegie's advice to 'talk in terms of the other person's interest' holds true even though he surely never heard the word 'blog' in his lifetime.

So, we're a brand communications agency, and some (i stress 'some') of the things that we like to chat about are:

- debating new theories of communication
- local initiatives
- amazing innovative internation ads and brands
- explaining RGB and CMYK, anytime
- sharing our process and how we find inspiration
- what the heck branding can mean for me
- what I did on the weekend and how communications weasled it's way into my hiking trip
- new technology

Now it's your turn. What turns your crank? If you could ask us creators of brand and ad experience anything, what would it be? Feel free to share this one around. It feels important.



by Eleanor

Emails can we sent to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) as well. Thanks!


by Angie Charlebois

I love that you’re asking… what turns my crank is co-creating, ideas building on each other like a stack of lego blocks.  I love team work and the dynamic exchange that healthy teams have and the results that ensue that are far greater than any idividual’s capacity.  That’s what I fantasize working with y’all ball people would be like (as I work from home mostly alone).  I coach, create and deliver workshops and do corporate/political writing while “bouncing” ideas off my unsuspecting family members.  Cheers, angie


by Jennifer

Thanks for the feedback, Angie! Team work often brings out the best creative ideas and solutions—and it’s totally fun. Keep bouncing those ideas around.


by Brianne

I think sharing process and inspiration is SO interesting as I find what works for me can be totally opposite to others and I love that…getting to know more about the actual ‘how’ vs. the end product has always been fascinating to me…


by Dennis Zimmermann

It has to be the process of wading into new waters and trying to get a sense of what exactly is in there. About being strategic in your presentation to make sure you hit the right target market. No wait, that’s about fly-fishing but something tells me that there’s a fair bit of fly-fishing and marketing overlap in the Aasman Agency world.


by Corey

Marketing….? I thought all of this was just prep for our annual Coho trip :)


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