Easter is first and foremost a meaningful story of resurrection, hope and renewal. For two millennia, the Church Universal has recognized Easter as the holiest day of the Christian calendar. But the cross, a thorny crown, death and resurrection is a pretty hard sell.

The solution?

Brand it with bunnies, chocolate, pastel colours, eggs and marshmallow chicks!

I know, humans are weird, and I’m one of them. I love the eye candy, packaging and overall branding.

At aasman we like to keep our readers up to speed with industry trends, so here's an easter-treat blog from the designers of the latest Easter Bunny Brand products.

People used to be into eating bunnies, but research has shown that people now want to eat what the bunnies are eating:

User experience research found that multi-purpose products are popular, like these chocolate-carrot-umbrellas for bunnies:

Local relevance makes an impact for those eagerly anticipating the Whitehorse eagles' new nest:

Hybrid cloning is on the rise with these half bunny–half chick peeps:

And sometimes the client (or author) has a pet-favourite you can't avoid—mine is Cream Eggs. Now they come with a spoon!

There's lots out there. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know. Have a great Easter weekend!


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by Eleanor

P.s. There are hidden treasures in this post…


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