Have you ever read a list of numbers and wished it was a pie chart? Or tried to explain an impressive statistic that doesn't get the shocked response you were after? 

Visually representing information is a great way to make an impact. I recently came across some inspiration that expanded my knowledge of what can be quantified and how.
Designer Nicholas Feltron does a Personal Annual Report each year on a topic of his own choosing. Last year is a very thorough catalogue of his father's life including visualization of information such as "Postcards Received," "School Grades" and "Socializing Locations."
Here at aasman, we've recently designed a system that helps Yukon Energy chart Yukon's energy consumption using a few different time frames. 
If you're trying to communicate complicated information or reach a wider audience by appealing to visual learners, have a look through Feltron's work to get some ideas and come to aasman to talk about how your unique numbers can be communicated.

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