There are businesses that are still unsure if they'll find their target market in Facebook. I've seen it in Whitehorse, I'm sure it's true the world over. I'm also sure the title quote of this blog entry will help convince, as will this one: a twelfth of humanity is on a single network: Facebook!

A twelfth of humanity on a single network!

Put in that kind of context, it's just crazy… and exciting.. and scary! Which do you feel?

Both of those quotes are from Lev Grossman's TIMES article about Mark Zuckerberg, Person of the Year 2010. Read it here and let us know how you feel: excited, scared, overwhelmed, charmed, chaffing at the bit.... 




by rose

kind of looks like he’s been drinking cheap wine.


by Jennifer Solomon

i find it a little scary myself. i’m not always convinced that being so “connected” to so many people is a real benefit to individuals. clearly, though, i can see the benefit to businesses—that’s a no-brainer in terms of reaching a wide audience.


by Zeke

@rose - I’d have to agree!

I find I can’t look at that picture too long, his unnaturally bright green eyes are just too direct. Perhaps that’s what made me read the article though, grippingly effective!

I’m not big on facebook, but I have myself a profile. I would be ignorant to dismiss it’s potential. Scary? Sure. But I have bigger things to worry about, like my truck breaking down on the way to work.


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