Life might be a box of chocolates like Forrest Gump’s mother told him – so I guess that’s simply why our work day is filled with bags and bags of acronyms stuck together like the secret of a good Cadbury chocolate bar.

While today’s Friday, it will be another tba, btw, sys, lol, aka, b/c, bf, bfn, omg, rsvp, faq, sos, vm, fyi, and maybe a thx kind of day. Yikes – and that’s without caffeine!

Which makes me wonder why maybe 75% of the population of the City of Whitehorse can’t read. You know it’s true. There is one acronym we all see every day – that big red thing at a corner of the street. It means “hold up here or you could drive over the face of the guy in front of you or that person crossing the road or that vehicle crossing in the intersection”.  I don’t know how some sign guru came up with the word “STOP” – but it’s a convenient short form word.

Of course, much of the same group of illiterates understand that a yellow light means “hell, give it a try and drive right through”. And they say that in Canada we have two official languages….I don’t think so.

Take for example the language of the advertising communications field if you are looking for sticky chocolate aliens masquerading as humans. If you’re a client you may share the same language of burps like “asap, eps, tif, rfp, pov, roi, pdf, gif, jpeg, ros, ron, dsl, aor, b2b, csr, pm, im, cpm, ppc, pos” and occasionally “ciao baby”. Yes, many of these same Yukoners do have driver’s licences.

A few good things about people in this industry – their comprehension level can be acute (enhanced by large doses of caffeine), there is evidence that many read and understand one or both official languages, and they often demonstrate an  appreciation and comprehension of the use of colour.  They all talk crazy though but it’s probably safe to take a ride with them.


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by little e

Nice one Trevor. I was thinking on my lunch today, when I was stuck by some road road, that I’d love to do a campaign informing people that stopping in an intersection is illegal. A pedestrian might have the right of way, but for goodness sakes, either stop before you’re blocking four directions of traffic or let the walker wait! Drives me nuts, both as a pedestrian and driver. How do you think Whitehorsians came to this habit?! Can we put a “don’t stop here” sign on the other corners?


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