It’s always interesting to see what new businesses in town are up to. This week we interviewed Jen Williams, owner of The Collective Good (TCG).

AAS: You’re unique wares are tucked away in a little nook, how do you advertise who you are and where you are?

JW: TCG is still a new venture (only 3 months!) so I’m still learning as I go. Facebook has been a surprisingly great vehicle for spreading the word. Twitter and a website round that out.
I’ve done limited advertising in the local papers and I’ve been really fortunate to get some nice local press coverage. That kind of support means the world to a start-up.

My location is a real little gem. Horwoods Mall is a central hub and all kinds of people wander through visiting the shops and offices.

Word of mouth is also incredible. I am thrilled by the support I’ve received from locals who come in, like what they see and tell their friends.

AAS: Do you use any social technology to gather feedback or customer measurement?

JW: I’m really just getting started. I have had people using my FB page to post suggestions about artists or things they’d like me to carry. I can definitely see an expanded role for social media as a real two-way conversation rather than just me telling people what’s new.
It’s surprising to me how quickly and how far word can spread. I get several emails a day from artists near and far who would like to have their work represented in TCG. I wish I had room for everyone!

AAS: What do you imagine success for The Collective Good look like in five years?

JW: Wow, five years?! In the short term, I’m hoping to find a new larger home for the shop. Just a little more breathing room for my products and space for things like furniture and house wares. I would be thrilled if TCG become a strong little piece of the community.

That’s really what this venture is about for me. Finding a way to take what I love—sourcing and assembling beautiful, useful, ethical, sustainable products—and finding a new way to live in my home town. I feel like Whitehorse is on the verge of becoming a place with a vibrant buy-local economy, as well as a beautiful place to live filled with great people. Maybe we can be the next Portland or Brooklyn?

AAS: What’s happening this weekend?

JW: We are having a Danish modern furniture sale event! We are just ignoring the fact that we don’t have the space (yet) and have brought in beautiful mid century (1950-70’s) vintage furniture to sell. It’s happening this weekend in the hallway by Baked. Saturday, from 6 pm –9 pm and Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm. It will appeal to anyone who appreciates good design and good quality everyday furniture that’s made to last.

AAS: Anything else to add?

JW: Good graphic designers are worth their weight in gold!!! Thanks to Chera Hunchuk for my shop logo and design and Guin Lalena for her help with the furniture event.



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