Guest blogger, Stephanie Micus*, contemplates the power of ideas. 

The word conjures up several images to different people.

Various dictionary definitions use words such as opinion, principle, plan, scheme and notion. We all know that an idea is the result of mental activity, and that we usually arrive at an idea (or several) when we are trying to solve problems.

The world moves because of ideas.

Sometimes, the idea brings about more conflict and causes the world to spin erratically. However, for the most part, one person's resolve to find a solution brings about positive change.

The first recorded vehicle to move with its own power, was created in 1769. From this idea, several progressive attempts continued in this area, and in 1899, the Olds Motor Vehicle Company of Detroit went into production. In 1901, they successfully produced and sold 600 of the Curved Dash Oldsmobile for $650 each. With each new idea in this field, vehicles have continued to evolve. The evolution of this particular idea has brought us comfort, happiness, satisfaction, as well as countless issues and concerns.

In design, the idea has always been the catalyst. At our agency, an idea from clients has always been welcomed with much enthusiasm. That idea always gives us the opportunity to apply our expertise and allows the mental idea to evolve into a concrete product that effortlessly generates the message.

Every idea that is brought to us is looked upon as a positive, and ultimately rewarding challenge. We are most productive in our resolve when we are challenged. Our work is completed to our satisfaction, only when the idea has generated that same satisfaction to our clients.

Stephanie Micus has been an award winning freelance writer for over 38 years. She was a partner at Hangar 13 Art & Design for over 15 years and for The Thunderbird Group for seven years. Stephanie continues to write professionally, as well as for personal satisfaction.

*That's not Stephanie in the photo. That's Jen, our creative writer, pretending to have an idea. She does that a lot. 


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