Editors Note: Throughout the 2011 territorial election Aasman will be blogging side-by-side comparisons of communication tactics used by the various parties. We invite you to get engaged in the comment section of each post. Enjoy!

The following are screen shots taken at 4pm on Friday, roughly three hours after the election was officially called and news reports became available online and on local radio.

What role do you think the web will play in this election? Do the home pages reflect each party's brand? What role does a website have in defining a party or company brand?

Let us know what you think.

Green Party

Yukon Party 

*** As of Monday morning this site had changed to a different version, however at the time of the election call and hours afterward the site remained as below. ***

New Democratic Party

Liberal Party



by Evan Wise

All the parties fail in their online communication strats - IMHO.

Why? They are all using their personal @hotmail, @gmail, @northwestel.net email addresses.

It takes literally minutes to setup a Google Apps (or similar) domain to get @ email addresses. 1000% more professional and your personal email address is not used in an election campaign.


by Neil Stephen

Hey Evan,
that’s a great point, I wonder why such a simple step is missed or neglected. Having a proper e-mail certainly gives the audience more confidence, thanks for the comment.


by jennifer

there’s also the brand new First Nations Party to consider now. no website yet, though. i’m really interested to witness the evolution of a new party’s identity right from its starting point.


by Krysta

I haven’t seen a lot of the various printed pieces yet, but I’d be curious to get the pro’s thoughts on those.  So far, it seems that NDP are handing out glossy Liz brochures accompanied by a plain paper slip specific to the riding candidate at the door.  Lib’s have the tri-folds and some issue/riding specific pieces, and I’ve just seen a vertical postcard which is candidate specific for YP so far.  I’m starting a collection for comparison.


by Krysta

I’m also curious about thoughts on the signs.  While the signs with photos seem more aesthetically attractive, will they be excessively targeted by vandals?  Do the photos help humanize the candidate and build recognition?  Or do they confuse the basic ballot message of name and Party?


by Neil Stephen

Hey Krysta,
great thoughts, my post next week will be all about the candidate signs and i’ve been wondering the same thing, what is the intent and where is the value.

Have you been chatting with others, what are folks saying overall?


by Krysta

Neil, sorry to take the thread off topic - didn’t know you’d have weekly topics.  Regarding signs, I may be too close to the issue to be objective, but have heard some expressed confusion over the prevalence of Liz’s name on signs in other areas.  Someone else said they felt the Lib photo signs were ostentatious, but that individual belonged to the NDP.


by Neil Stephen

hey Krysta, no apologies needed, it’s a great discussion. I wondered the same things about the signs, also interesting to see the Hanson signs highlighting her as “for premier”, an important strategic approach.


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