Another spring, another spring cleanup! Although aasman has been participating in the annual Cleaning Whitehorse event for years, this was my first time participating in the initiative organized by The City of Whitehorse -- Community Events. I was very impressed that our entire office was eager to pitch in and pick up the sludge and junk around our workplace that warmer weather has started to reveal. 

Here's Steve and Kristen 

We even got Paul and his funky mustache into it!

So many cigarette butts..

But the best part was that we made it an cross country affair...

Here's Eleanor in Vancouver (look how green it is!)

And even Neil allll  the way over in Halifax!

Afterwards we basked in the sun at Shipyards Park for a yummy BBQ with all the other garbage pickers in town.

What a great idea! Love that our community can work together to make our city a bit cleaner! 

In case you were interested...our best finds of the day were a pair of rusty old earrings (by Al), an 8 of diamonds playing card (by Kristen) and a skateboard wheel (by Eleanor).



by Rona

It was my day off today, but I loved seeing Whitehorse out in force all across town, garbage bags in hand. Goodbye cigarette butt season, hello to a clean and lovely summer!


by Brenda

Way to go Aasman and Whitehorse!


by Eleanor

Mom?! Is that you commenting on our blog?! Yessss!


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