First of all, we highly recommend that you do NOT do this. We at Aasman do not do this and we really don’t think that it would be very good for our business, not to mention our livers.

Marketing #ontwitter, however is something that we would recommend, especially when that marketing takes advantage of trending hashtags that are not only reaching Twitter users, but creating a stir in the media as well.

For those of you that have already tired of the controversy surrounding Toronto mayor Rob Ford, and as such have no idea what I am taking about, the hashtag #inadrunkenstupor came about as a result of Ford’s admission of smoking crack cocaine earlier today, when he said that he had probably tried it “in one of my drunken stupors…”

Reactions have been swift, the media has exploded and at least one savvy company has used this controversy to their benefit. Smoke’s Poutinerie’s very popular tweet suggested that “#inadrunkenstupor just eat pountine” and the company offered a draw for a $10 gift card every time they reached 100 new followers. Two hours and over 200 new followers later, Smokes has taken a challenging situation for it’s home city and created an inexpensive and far-reaching communications tactic.

Good job on this one Smoke’s! Mayor Ford, not so much…


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