I hate my co-worker Heather Deuling.

Ok, I don't hate her. I hate the music she's been playing all week. I'm from the east coast and a local band named Hey Rosetta has a short Christmas album that's been making me all weepy. Heather's office is next to mine and she has it on repeat.

Here's a sample.

I'm sharing this for a couple of reasons:

  1. If the video gets 40k views by New Year's, Sonic Records will donate $10k to the Kids Help Phone.
  2. I'm posting it because it's a great little album that's undoubtably exposed thousands of Canadians to this band.

A year ago I advocated on this blog that Sobeys relaunch their 1990's "Festive Touch" commercial as a social media gift — shareable with all your friends. I didn't hear from Sobeys but as I watch my facebook and twitter feeds this holiday season I can't help but notice how many east coasters (and now west coasters like Heather) are sharing this little music video.

Good communications tug at the heart strings in all the right ways. To me the Hey Rosetta brand speaks of home, it tells the story of where i'm from with every note, cord and verse.

So many of us are away from home this Christmas season, what takes you back? What will you miss about home this year? Please, share your homesickness with me in the comments section.

Just because I can — Here's the Sobey's Festive Touch commercial:

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by Kristen

Definitely going to miss sitting outside Christmas Day in the sun eating lots of seafood, hanging out with the family and eating Nanna’s Christmas Pudding!!


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