On this sunny Friday afternoon, the Aasman office was feeling pretty quiet. Zeke and Corey were conducting a “board meeting” at Mount Sima. Steve was getting a tan to make us all jealous in Costa Rica, Nicolas was ill, Eleanor and Neil were at opposite ends of the country, while Margriet, Martie and Paul were enjoying their standard Friday off, leaving the most dedicated staff (Krysten, Al, Nico, Kristen and I) to hold down the fort. With only five people in this afternoon, the office was feeling a bit lonely, so we called in some moral support.

Meet Nellie, the office mutt and occasional assistant.

Nellie settled in to Steve’s vacant chair…

and quickly abandoned that for a quick game of pool.

She sat in on a meeting with Charles from Aurora Geoscience.

Then had a quick coffee with the team.

She brought Al the mail… so helpful,

and offered her opinion in the studio (her opinion is: Kristen is awesome!)

Happy Friday everyone!



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