I was in New York last week and it was awesome, obviously, but this is a blog about communications, so I only want to share with you some really crazy advertising I saw. No, it wasn't Times Square where I pity anyone who may arrive not previously knowing of an epileptic condition. Instead it was walking through the East Village and looking up at the blue sky.

We've all seen advertising on planes.

Whose plane is this?

And most of us have seen some kind of banner behind a plane at a festival.

Personally, I'd rather be in the plane for this kind of thing.

But here's a new one: a row of five jets tooting out little puffs of white that spell words much like a digital clock would.

Isn't that crazy?! Five jets!? I don't even know what to call it to Google it. "Tootin' word jets"? Can anyone help me out here?

Of course the messages fade away after a minute or two, and it's hard to decipher the sentences as they disappeared behind massive buildings, but it was fun to crane my neck and try. I was impressed.



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