Well it would seem that whilst Australia may be behind the curve on some issues, cigarette advertising is not one of them.

The high-court back home has upheld a ruling that is going to make all cigarette packaging blank… that’s right, no logos, no enticing colours, just images of the harmful effects and an olive green coloured background. So absolutely no branding at all. I’d hate to be working at a supermarket and have to find the correct brand and type for a customer.

I guess Australians will be the guinea pigs for the world, to see if this extreme action actually makes any difference in reducing the amount of smokers. As a non-smoker I have no idea, would you stop smoking if the packaging isn’t attractive? It makes sense in theory, I mean a lot of the time the nicer that packaging the more you want to buy it, so I guess the less attractive the package the less you will want what’s inside?

Check out this article, gives you a little more information on the development.

What do all of you think… will this make a difference?


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by Eleanor

uh oh. I’m very curious. I know those images are a turn off, but classy metal cases are an alternative that may come back.


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