This morning our very own Neil Stephen was on television promoting 100 Men Who Give a Damn Halifax — a group of over 300 guys who make a big impact with Halifax charities using as little red tape as possible. They also happen to be a client that aasman has been sponsoring since early Autumn, 2014.

100 Men Halifax has an innovative operating method, but I’ll let Neil tell you about that in person: 

100 Men is a great sponsorship fit for aasman for many reasons. The biggest being their commitment to purpose. At aasman our client’s expertise is our team’s coach and we believe that inspiration is contagious. We also make complex work easy. Hearing Neil’s run down of how it works, I think you’ll agree that 100 Men Halifax shares these ideals. We’re proud of the in-kind work we do for them. 

Today we’re especially proud of Neil giving a damn! Keep up the good work Neil!


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