As the (former) resident new guy, I wanted the chance to find out just who was taking my title. I sat down with aasman’s new web developer to learn a little more about him so I could share his secrets with the world. Everyone; Meet Rory Wadham.

MG:  How long have you lived in Yukon?

RW: Six years, this time around, four before that.

MG:  What brought you back to the north?

RW: I was living in Panama at the time and needed to renew my passport, so I came to do that, visit my family and ended up staying.

MG: From one extreme to the other! This place certainly has a way of mesmerizing you. What were you doing before you came to work for us?

RW: Special Assistant in the Cabinet Office at the Government of Yukon.

MG: How official! That seems like it would fill up a business card pretty quick. What was one thing that interested you in working for aasman?

RW: While the number of beards was a consideration, the quality of work being produced by aasman is impressive and I wanted to be a part of that.

MG: Movember here would devastate 90% of the male staff, that’s for sure. What’s one place you wish you could travel to next?

RW: I’ve always wanted to do a distillery tour in Scotland

MG:  You and I have very similar life goals… maybe we should arrange a group trip. What are you favourite tunes to work to?

RW: If I’m coding it’s gotta be trance. 

MG:  If you run out of music, ask Siri to beatbox for you, it may do the trick. Do you have a preferred flavour of chip?

RW: Jalapeño and Cheddar or just plain old Lays, mmm salt and grease.

MG: A man after my own heart. Any special hidden hobbies you have you’d like to share? 

RW: Photography, but anyone who knows me wouldn’t call it hidden. Here's a picture I took of my adorable puppy Nacho that I took. 

MG: What’s something you are looking forward to about the Yukon winter? 

RW: Spring. Just kidding, taking in the light show of the Aurora, preferably while kicking back in the Takhini Hot Springs.

MG: If you could pick a different era of history to live in, which would it be?

RW: So many choices, when was Game of Thrones? I probably would be a barbarian in the Dark Ages. 

MG: We may hold you to that for next Halloween. I just have one last question here; if you had to describe your personality using an emoticon, which emoticon would you pick?



MG:  Always nice to have a (code) ninja on our side! Thanks so much Rory, we can’t wait to see what you and the team will create!


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