Two giant pandas have arrived on Canadian soil. According to the Prime Minister's web page, "Giant pandas, which are unique to China, are among the world’s most endangered species and are seen as symbols of peace, friendship and good fortune." They are on loan from China for the next ten years and can mean a great number of things. But one thing's for certain—the arrival of those two Pandas is a sweet-spot in China and Canada's relationship.

At aasman we talk about sweet-spots a lot. A sweet-spot is a memorable and often unexpected interaction with your client. Sometimes it's a bonus, like a free beer or an invitation to an after-hours event. Sometimes it's a hotel that remembers your preferences from your last visit, or a business that personally delivers products to your desk and says hi.

Sometimes, it's two fuzzy bears that make you say "awwwww." The point is, aside from running your business well, what are you doing to create a sweet-spot that will stick to your clients' memory?

As a side note, I've been following #FedExPanda on twitter this morning. FedEx is earning a lot of brand exposure through this hashtag that they started when they transported Pandas from China to France last year.


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