Meet Steve, our new account manager who brings both brain and brawn to the aasman team! Steve is a branding specialist with an athletic side and an adventurous spirit. But rather then telling you all about Steve, we’ll let him tell you! Read on below:

How long have you lived in the Yukon?

I first moved up here in May 2012 and stayed through to the end of September, then after some travel and finishing school, I was back again in May 2013 and I've [mostly] been here since then.

What were your first impressions of aasman?

Who would've thought that in a city the size of Whitehorse I would find a company that specialized in the very niche of marketing I specialized in during my masters degree?? What a great fit!!

What were you doing before coming to work for us?

I was being a bit of a drifter... Up to May 2012, I had been living in Montreal and competing nationally and internationally in freestyle wrestling (one of two Olympic wrestling disciplines). At that level, wrestling consumes your life so I had put off a lot of other 'bucket list' items until my retirement from sport in May 2012. Since then I have been working on that bucket list. Among it’s items were hunting and fishing in the Yukon (check and check), backpacking in South East Asia (3 months last fall: check), finishing my master of science in administration with a marketing specialization degree (check), learning to surf a shortboard (check), and a couple others. This was all facilitated by summers working in mineral exploration at a fly-in camp about 200 kms east of Mayo.

What's the best trait you bring to your work here at aasman?

[Yikes, is this an interview question? I thought I already got the job??] I bring a unique educational background in branding. My thesis analyzed a great deal of academic literature on branding, which pointed towards two successful branding theories. I then compared these two theories with a research study of my own to determine which strategy better accounted for people's actual purchasing behaviour. This research has taught me a lot about the components of successful brands and brand strategies and I now hope to contribute that knowledge to future projects for our clients here at aasman.

And now for the really important questions:
Favourite sandwich?

A good Montreal smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz's or Dunn's is tough to beat.
Best tunes to work by?
Under pressure: Pryda (electronic dance music, no lyrics, lots of energy)
Everyday: Country or alternative rock

Relaxed: Andy McKee (acoustic guitar with a twist... Check him out

Most exotic travel experience?

Visiting Myanmar aka Burma. The temples of Bagan, touring around Inle Lake, and the Hot Air Balloon festival in Taunggyi were all unforgettable experiences and largely off of the standard backpacker/tourist trail in SE Asia. Here's a video from Taunggyi. I was right next to this balloon when it blew up and trust me, the video doesn't do it justice... What's more? This was only one of several horrible mishaps on just one night of a week long festival! What an unbelievable/crazy experience!!

Snowboard or skis?


Beverage you can't live without?

Chocolate milk... the best protein shake out there.

Any final thoughts you'd like to share with us at this time?

I'm really excited to start this new phase in life. The drifter lifestyle is addicting but the challenges and opportunities aasman offers, along with the professional and personal fit here, appear to be the perfect medicine to wean me off of it. I'm looking forward to learning more about our craft, sharing my skills, and building relationships with our clients so that moving forward aasman can continue delivering world class branding strategy and promotional material!!


Welcome to the aasman team Steve!



by Eleanor

Welcome Steve! I like how you answered the music question with different tunes for different needs.


by Brent

Congrats Steve.  Great picture with the Halibut too!


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