Unless you have been living under a rock, you are sure to know about the explosion of “pinning” through Pinterest. I had been avoiding the site like the plague, but after seeing numerous friends pins coming up on my Facebook feed day in and day out, I thought I’d take a little peek.

Several hours later I was thoroughly addicted. So many great ideas amongst the mess of good looking stars and weight loss “miracles.” Too many great ideas, actually. Where would I put all of these things that I “needed” to create? It was information and project overload. Feeling slightly overwhelmed, I got to work. After doing every DIY project that my small room would allow for, I was done...well for now.

Having finished up my home DIY projects, I went and explored some more and discovered that this would actually be really helpful to me as a designer. It’s like having a bookshelf full of inspiring books at your fingertips, organized in a logical way, that can be updated constantly—perfect!

Where I ended up really got me to thinking about where I began, and the the power of consistent messaging and social media…for me, seeing so many references to something made me a little curious, so eventually I got sucked in to it all. It shows that persistence and consistent messaging can get to your audience, no matter how much they may resist.

What have you tried to ignore in the past that eventually got you? (like that annoying song that you now really secretly like, or that clothing trend that you felt was ridiculous, until you realized how comfy a pair of Hammer pants were…)


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