FINDING AWESOMELAND from Hardly Worth Watching on Vimeo.

A couple of weeks back the folks over at Hardly Worth Watching (HWW) unleashed their first full length video on Yukoners prior to the latest Warren Millar screening at the Yukon Arts Center. Finding Awesomeland showcases our home and the daredevils who live here. We caught up with the HWW team via facebook message and threw some questions there way.

Give us some background, who or what is Hardly Worth Watching?

Hardly Worth watching started as just a group of friends in high school filming each other with camcorders. We still are a group of friends filming each other, only that we have better cameras and know a little bit more about what we're doing.

What is Hardly Worth Watching all about? Why do you do it?

We film action sports that include snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, dirtbiking, mountainbiking, sledding and other progressing extreme sports that take place in Yukon. We like doing it because our friends are awesome and we like to film people being awesome. We also have fun doing it and it's our passion. So it seemed like a good idea to make videos.

You recently released your first feature film "Finding Awesomeland" - What's it all about?

It's a film of all the sports we filmed in the past year. We didn't really think of making a movie but after we got hooked up with making advertisements for Mt. Sima, the marketing & communications manager Paolo Gallina came up to us and told us we should make a movie that could be screened before Warren Millar.  So we'd like to thank Paolo for hooking us up!

Around the Aasman offices we're big fans of HWW and Finding Awesomeland, where does the creative inspiration come from?

Our inspiration comes from other videos, whether it be a ridiculous video on youtube, snowboard videos, ski videos, and mountain bike videos. Before we film/edit we always pop in a video to get the creative juices going.

We were expecting a more artsy focus in Finding Awesomeland with a focus on Hardly Worth Watching itself, instead you featured Yukon and its talent with HWW falling to the background. Why this approach? Was it intentional?

For our movie we had to find a fine line between the artistic integrity of the video and giving the "wow factor" of how big our riders are going these days. It's hard to please the people that are looking for that wow factor while pleasing the people that are looking for the artistic focus of our videos. It's hard to please everyone these days!

What role has new media (facebook, youtube etc.) played in the growth and success of HWW?

Facebook, vimeo, pinkbike, and the small awesome community of Whitehorse has played a huge roll of the views and hype we get.

Who's picking the music?

Grant and I choose a lot of the music. The riders themselves suggest music choices. Our friend Christine Parker helped us with a lot of the music as well. WE LOVE YOU PARKER.

Money's not an issue, you can go anywhere in the world to shoot your next feature, where's the passport headed?

OOOH thats a hard one. Except not really. Obviously we'd travel around the world for the prime spots for our films but if it came to one area BC would be a good choice. To be more specific Whistler offers the best of everything that we film.



by Kristen

Amazing film!! Well done guys, love the cinematography, music, basically everything about this film… Im going to use it to lure friends up here from OZ (Its already worked on one)!! Makes me love the Yukon even more, so glad I moved here!


by Chantelle

Huge fan of Hardly Worth Watching and the Team Fun crew. Always impressed with the riders - especially the boarders and bikers - Alex and Austin are insane. I appreciate the Yukon/homeland focus. Looking forward to the future productions!!


by Erin

Niiiice footage up at the Summit.  Look forward to future productions in Kluane, Haines Summit or Dempster locales.  Have you shared this with Film & Sound commission in town?


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