Last week I was sent this article from Yahoo News stating that although the Old Spice Guy has garnered huge popularity and media attention, Old Spice sales are declining. The article then went on to discuss how sometimes really great creative can still fail. I was a little shocked by reading this article for two reasons; the online social media campaign launched just a week prior to these numbers coming out was, in my eyes an almost flawless strategy. I even considered switching my male body wash last time we were shopping, however I prefer the scent of Dove (when did I start caring?).

As I read all the comments for the article, talking about how the product is a dud and how the creative was too big for itself, I begin to feel this was way to early to be measuring the success or failure of the online campaign (7days). I couldn’t get my head wrapped around it and though it made a great follow up to my previous post on this campaign I chose another topic.

Now once again a week later this is all over the news. Old Spice body wash sales had zoomed 107 per cent in the last month. I have to admit that I was greatly pleased to read these articles and posts and to even learn that the Old Spice Guy himself was landing a movie role with Jen. I don’t use Old Spice, or even like Old Spice and I have never supported any of the NFL teams Isaiah (Old Spice Guy) played for. There was something though inside me that wanted this campaign to be greatly successful. How does one create that type of support, loyalty to a product I don’t even use (yet). Or is it simply that I wanted this great social media campaign to succeed so I can continue to push this form of media and these types of strategies into all of the projects and jobs we do. Maybe I just wanted the reassurance.


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