Who doesn’t like free stuff? I love it. I am the type of guy who takes everything at showrooms and will always jump on a competition if I think I may have a chance to win something. Just last week I was engaged by Yukono’s Facebook page in a competition, which resulted in two free shawarma combos from a restaurant in town. I can’t help myself. The idea of gaining something for what we would consider almost nothing has always appealed to me.

So what makes a good incentive to engage your audience? Do you remember back when the banks would offer you a free toaster to open up a new account? How about the ever-classic McDonalds Monopoly contest? Or for us in Canada, I will skip my regular non-chain coffee joint for Tim Horton’s when “Roll up the Rim” is on.

Some incentives are to just get your audience in the door and others are to gain customer loyalty. When developing or choosing incentives, the needs and wishes of your audience are very important to take into consideration. Timing is also important. Positioning incentives during slow seasons or when releasing a new product can be a very useful tactic. Incentives can also be very effective when trying to get your audience to engage in a specific survey. When done appropriately the data you receive will be priceless compared to the expense of your carrot of choice.

Do you remember any old incentive programs that hooked you in? I know I will definitely be enjoying my shawarma this week.



by Geof Harries

The Yukono Two Weeks of Trivia contest on Facebook had a couple of purposes. First, to raise awareness of Yukono and get more people using the website and joining the community. Our second was to support and promote great local businesses. To that end, not only did the contest result in new reviews on Yukono, but it also translated to more people discovering and, in turn, spending additional money at those places.


by Corey

Thanks for the comments Geof, I think you guys did a great job of doing exactly what you set out to do.  By the way, where are my certificates :)


by taibhsearachd

I wasn’t even aware of Yukono until I read this blog entry. Too bad I hadn’t known earlier…I would have given you a run for your money Corey for the shawarma!


by neil Stephen

As a business in town (yukon brewing) who took part in the contest we felt it really showcased the alternative mediums out there. In this case, yukono and it’s 100+ fans on facebook were able to find a picture of one of our growlers and upload it within an hour or so. That for us was great to see and a solid sign that yukono itself has the right ingredients for long-term success.

btw, corey I like shwarma’s too….


by Geof Harries

Thanks for the props, Neil!


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