Our favourite resident Aussie has left us for love (after a brief sojourn with the family). Thankfully, her fellow lives just down the road from us in Haines, so at least she won’t be too far away!

Things we will miss most about Kristen are:

Her accent.  Even though I had often found myself translating for her in client meetings or at events, her Aussie-isms always found a way of cheering all of us up in the office. PLUS, we shared the same name, so that was pretty cool.

Some of our favourite Aussie-isms: 

"ta”, “mate”, “the boot”, “cheers”, “heaps.”

We will have to watch A Moody Christmas to get our accent fix.

Her high efficiency. If any of us project managers wanted something done quickly, on time and on budget while still maintaining top-notch design flair, we went to Kristen. She was the one to make it happen. Why else do you think we had her work on the Yukon Vacation Planner? There are so few (self-included) who actually deliver on all they say they will. We’re seriously gonna miss that…

Her delicious Aussie treats! Tim tams, Veggemite (ok, not so delicious) and Milo hot chocolate. However, once she discovered Tim Hortons, she would treat us all to Timbits on occasion. Most importantly, she encouraged us to make healthier choices on our birthday! (Here is her "fruit-cake").

Her regular Haines updates. We often got to hear the recent Haines gossip at Monday morning project meetings. But most importantly, Corey, Zeke and Al would find out the salmon count.

Her quirky side, her laugh and her humour. Often Kristen would pass us updates from cool Australian ad campaigns. The best was when she would send all-caps email and Skype messages.

​ ​

Last but not least, we will miss her friendship. Kristen is one of those reliable, got-your-back kind of gals.  Also – a woman who grows up in Australia, finds her heart in Alaska, while working in Canada?...Come on now. This girl’s a multi-national multi-tasker, and a true adventurer at heart.

Here’s to your next adventure, KW. The world is lucky to have you!


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by rona

Love that girl. Miss ya already, KW!


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