Over the past few years in the advertising industry there has been a shift in the way we view our business models. Some agencies have pioneered these shifts and others have felt that it’s just a fad. The notion that this shift is a fad has itself become a fad. The time has come for us to recognize the changes taking place around us. The shift I’m talking about is away from a focus on paid media to a primary focus on owned media and then earned media. Sean Cornoran wrote a great blog defining each of these three forms of media. 

In the Yukon we have the privilege of time — well to be more exact we have the privilege of Yukon Time. In the North there is still a heavy reliance on paid media as traditional print and radio is still one of the most effective ways to reach communities outside of central hubs. That being said we have a great vantage place to sit and observe what fads are coming and going. At this particular time, with the shifting communications model, the Yukon is ready. In a city as small as Whitehorse, with the right approach, earned media is at our fingertips. Word of mouth, buzz and media stories are all ways we can focus our strategies to gain us more cost efficient earned media. More and more companies are realizing the importance of owned media as well and are taking steps to generate their own. Company blogs, Micro Sites, Facebook and Twitter accounts are all being used to help companies own their stories. Brook Johnston has a great blog on the Golden Rules of Blogging. I struggle with a number of them, particularly, “Don’t Suck.”  

You have to remember that as shifts occur in the industry, you have to stop and examine your surroundings to see how these shifts play out in your own world. Here in the Yukon we have to balance all three forms of media. Focus on identifying your target audience and of course your budget constraints, then categorize each form of media and the specific tactics at your disposal and make your decisions based on your goals.

Easy, right?


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