Speaking of newbies, we finally shot Kristen…. meaning, we had photographer Christian Kuntz in to make it official. Now that she's been here for almost four months, she's feeling more comfortable and ready to reveal in an exclusive aasman interview: 10-things-you-probably-don't-know-about-me.

Did you know that Kristen:

1. grew up on a farm, and is very glad to never have to move another mob of sheep.

2. is terrified of chickens. Her sister once had to rescue her from the chicken perch after she attempted to collect the eggs… the chickens were coming to get her.

3. the worst job she has ever had was ‘Stone Picking’, yes it is exactly what it sounds like (one of the perks of growing up on our farm… thanks Dad. An absolute highlight of this job was having to pick during the Easter Weekend one year... we have never let Dad forget about it… now the world knows via this blog).

4. wanted to be a dog trainer when she was growing up.

5. has never rock climbed, but really wants to learn. (Any one want to teach me?)

6. favorite team sport to play is Netball.

7. thinks movies/videos where animals (particularly dogs) talk are absolutely hilarious.

8. favorite food is a Kilpatric Schnitzel from the Red Roof Pub in Tumby Bay, SA. (Its my first request when ever I go back home to visit.)

9. cannot say precipitation easily—it takes a few goes.

10. wants to visit every continent before she dies.



by Doug Brown

Erm, just wanted to point out that Kristen is actually with a rooster, which leads to another very interesting headline. ;)


by Eleanor

oh yeah… right…. sucks.


by Eleanor

SHUCKS! ...ugh. i thought only my phone was capable of wrong spellings!


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