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One of the conditions of working Aasman is mandatory participation in one full day of enjoyment. This year's event happened on Mount Sima. The aasman ski bums geared up while the chairlift-operators were still rubbing the sleep out their eyes.

Ski Day 2010

We rode up and slid down

Ski Day 2010

and up and down and up and down

Ski Day 2010

Ski Day 2010

Ski Day 2010

until the only lift running on the hill was the lift of the tap in the lounge. Those that were not balancing on two sticks hurtling down a slippery slope made an appearance at noon for a hearty and delicious chili brought to the table by Chef LeBlanc-Alwarid. Individual servings and all the fixings we desired fuelled us for the rest of the afternoon.

Ski Day 2010

Never to be caught off the job, aasman employees reviewed their recently produced Sima tower signs advertising a sexual health website for youth. 

Ski Day 2010

Ski Day 2010

It was decided that future client presentations should be held on the chairlift and decisions should be made at the bottom of the hill after skiing down. If you are reading this as a client, please consider booking your next aasman meeting at Mount Sima.

Ski Day 2010


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