Sometimes advertising just works. At the end of this commercial we see a quick breakdown of its affects on the target audience. At aasman we're fond of quoting ad guru Terry O'Reilly when we say "you can't logic your way into someone's heart." Obviously the makers of this spot have heard Terry's words.

As a communicator, what do you think of this spot? How do you employ the power of emotions in the work you're doing?



by Margriet Aasman

The message blind-sided each adult in this ad. It came from an unexpected source: not the voice of ‘authority’ (i.e. health professionals) but the voice seemingly unconnected to the issue, and it spoke to the heart. This is brilliant.


by Matt

I remember having this same kind of conversation when I was a kid… Adults never seemed to have a good reason then either. Great ad, so much more effective then pictures of cancerous body parts.


by Lisa Barrett

As a communicator of a different sort (the dreaded health professional), I also use and abuse emotions to get what I want out of humans….namely healthy behaviors. Is it ethical, especially if you use children?  Just askin’. This is provacative, but you raised the point and it’s one I think of frequently.


by Neil Stephen

Hi Lisa, I think the idea of using and abusing emotions is certainly ethically suspect. I tend to believe the art in effective communications is understanding the emotions that already exist on a genuine level and working hard to create the dynamics needed to have them surface in a really authentic manner. For instance in this smoking spot, the emotions already exist and the child is used to reflect an image of the self back to the audience. It’s really quite beautiful. I gotta say, that’s a great question Lisa and I think any person you might ask would have their own unique response. Thank you so much for posting it!


by Neil Stephen

Hey Matt, I was impressed by how many in the audience group new about both the contents of cigarettes and their affects on the body. Assuming it’s not just creative editing to highlight those affects, i’d say it’s a sign that the education has been effective at getting through, though not necessarily changing the behaviours.


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