Aasman's summer solstice contest… today and tomorrow only

On June 21, the sun will rise over Aasman for our 22nd summer solstice. We're celebrating the midnight sun with a timely little challenge:

Simply guess the time of day when the photo above was taken—the closest time wins a $50 gift certificate from amazon.

Our solstice contest is now closed. A big thank you to everyone who entered, commented or just stopped by for a look. We'll reveal the results tomorrow. Stay tuned...



by Leonie Lemphers

The time would really be dependent on what day the photo was taken. If it was a month ago… or 2 days ago. Can anyone give me the date the photo was taken?



by Zeke Aasman

I suppose you’ve noticed the current weather isn’t exactly clear :) Good question Leonie, I guess we should have known this would be asked.

This photo was taken by our very own Nicolas Dory, sometime between June 13th and 15th of last week.

Good luck!


by Petra Franke

well…its a long shot. so many variables. With only an approx date. we do not know the direction we are facing, we can see the wind is blowing…but what direction?


by Kara

Ohh a contest!  Now this Faroite is trying to remember what direction the paddlewheeler is facing!  Fun!


by Paul

Though not much of an authority on the Whitehorse, I’ve been there on the longest day of the year.  If things haven’t changed much (like someone shifting the paddlewheeler), I’m sure i’ve won the contest.


by Trix Aasman

Considering that I have only been in the Yukon once, and in February, I really wouldn’t know anything about the “midnight sun”. It was fun to guess anyway! (It would be even more fun to actually experience this - perhaps you should up the winner’s prize?)


by Ed

A wonderful contest guys. Of course you know that us poor folk in Ontario are really lousy at this guessing game. Our soltice only gives us light till 9:30 or so. I sure hope I win Marg!


by Lynn

Great contest idea - you should pass this on to the heads of marketing at Tourism Yukon ;o)  I think a free trip would be an awesome prize!


by Danielle

Ok….please disregard my first entry as I did not read the comments prior to submitting my guess.  My first entry would be if it was the actual solstice….but seeing that it wasn’t, I will guess again.  Thank you.
Very cool contest by the way!


by Pierre Lacasse

The soft lighting on the boat would lead me to believe it is an evening shot. Been here 23 years. Let’s see if my long tenure has served me well in my guessing dept.


by janfoz

hahah fun, petra that is grey mtn in the background - does that help you with direction? Love this time of the ‘day’ this is when you drive across the bridge and the river looks like gold.


by Zeke Aasman

Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes, a trip to the Yukon would make a spectacular prize. Seeing how this contest has gone international, it’d be fun to see who we get. It would also be interesting to find out the cost!

Pierre, you make a convincing argument, but are you perhaps trying to misguide those who are less familiar?

Keep the guesses coming people: http://bit.ly/lwdYQX


by tracy erman

it sent my entry in before i posted my time.  now it won’t let me re-enter…..:(


by Zeke Aasman

Tracy, sorry that the website is giving you trouble. It should let you post more then once, but I just removed your incomplete entry in case, so give it another try: http://bit.ly/lwdYQX


by Fred Dantuma

Great idea guys, good luck everyone…I’ll say one hour before sunset!


by Doug Brown

If you look at the reflection of the photographer in the ball, you can see the time on his watch.


by mark

The contest is now closed. Thank you to all of you who participated. Stay tuned, as we announce the winner.


by Trevor Mead-Robins

10:22 pm


by arthur sousa

3 am


by Dot

1:11 am


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