I am an avid blog follower. I won’t lie, I probably follow more blogs than I should to be a productive, contributing member of society. I think it’s the overall feeling of connectedness I get when I catch up on my daily dose of RSS feed snippets of other people's take and opinions on a wide variety of topics. One thing that I have noticed though is that in my own behavior there is no loyalty to any certain blogger. Sure I stick around for a while and follow a certain feed for a month, sometimes two or three, but in every single case I hit a wall. I find that certain feed has just stopped fulfilling whatever desire I had that initially started my blind, faith-like following of that person or company's views.

Then one day I stumbled across Seth Godin’s blog entry on the Levy flight. The Levy flight attempts to explain and graph the pattern animals take when foraging the forest for food. The results show that once abundant food sources run out, the animal moves off in a random direction and starts foraging again in a new location. Mr. Godin suggests that we take this into consideration when managing and developing our own sites, the thought being that when people are surfing they will come back to your site until they feel there is nothing left that is useful to them. Then they will move on.

So the questions we should ask ourselves are these: how much value is in our site? and how long can it sustain our target audience before they reach their fill and move on? One way we try to achieve this is with through company blogs. However, how effective are these blogs and are they reaching our desired target? Is our blog generating the type of discussion and interaction we desire from it? How can we make sure our audience will always have something to “chew” on when they return to our site?

In fact, these are just the types of questions we are beginning to ask ourselves...


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