Sporting speedy red shorts and wind-blown capes, super aasman ran the Klondike Road Relay with grace, strength, and determination. Starting at sea level, Heather Lang (an aasmanite) started the team off in Skagway on leg 1 for 14km. She met up with Eleanor Rosenberg (another aasmanite) at the US Customs. From there, Eleanor ran a good pace up the steep incline for 9km through the White Pass to meet with the anxiously waiting Amanda Janssens. At leg 3 and for the next 12.5km, Amanda galloped her way through the rain and finished her leg at the Canadian Customs. Ben Lewis took the reigns and powered his way through leg 4 down the 21.5km stretch. Leg 5 was dispatched by Justin Mullan with a quiet ease for the next 22km. He was tagged off by his wife, Catherine O'Donovan who ran her gruelling 26km run on leg 6 at 4 am. Rick McCharles, a visiting gymnastics coach, saved the day by joining the team last minutes due to a teammate injuring himself mere days before the race. Rick was a very strong runner who completed the 14km, leg 7, and then continued on the rest of his day by hiking some Yukon mountain range. Leg 8 belonged to Lawrence Ignace. He had a strong run for the next 19.8km. Andrea Burgoyne ran her leg 9, 17.6 km from Annie Lake road to Carcross cut-off with great determination. Jessica Read finished the race for the team on leg 10, 19.3 km. It seemed effortless considering she went right to work just a few hours after the race.

The race was a great success with some minor bumps in the road. We wouldn't want to submit this review without mentioning the crisis that occurred at the Summit. We locked the car keys in the trunk of the supporting vehicle. Luckily! the crisis was diverted by the team working together, thinking quickly, and sweet talking a team from Juneau to hitch a ride and the customs officers into lending their phone.

All in all, there were nervous jitters, strong runs, toe nails lost, and an overall sense of accomplishment. Considering that the majority of the team members only ran at most 5 to 10 km before the race, I would like to do a shoutout to the team for their heart and spirit throughout the entire race.

Last but not least, I would also like to send a great big THANK YOU to aasman for sponsoring and supporting team super aasman. It is greatly appreciated by all the team members. Keep your eye out for super red shorts running the streets of Whitehorse before snow puts an end to the running season.


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by eleanor

I forgot to credit and graciously thank Ben Lewis for most of the photos! Nice work in tough conditions.


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