Or just plain freaky? 

Start your long weekend with some weirdness . . . Enjoy!

I know a guy like him. Seriously. 

Definitely stupid. 

By far the scariest commercial I've ever seen. 



by Murray

When I see ads like those, I always wonder what sort of drugs it takes to come up with it - or to think that paying for it and actually broadcasting it anywhere but as a YouTube freebie is reasonable. What market are they trying to attract? Certainly no demographic that I’m a member of!


by Jennifer

haha. well, i love the skittles commercial. it’s bizarre in a way that intrigues me. i think it’s a decent example of “outside the box” creative, whereas the quiznos commercial doesn’t work for me because it’s annoying. using rodents to promote a restaurant is a poor conceptual association.
the toy commercial, is, well, just bad news. i am now scared of dolls. . .


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