This weekend ten runners, including two aasman employees will be sporting red capes and red shorts marked "super aasman". The pun is intended for this event, a 176.5 km running relay, which brought to mind a blog topic for the day: corporate sponsorship.

What value is there is putting ones identity on a sports team or event? What is the return on investment?

As a donation it's a testament to a company's community involvement, but it's not really measurable beyond a tingly-good feeling.

As a business tool there are some tangible benefits to sponsorship that are both community and corporately responsible.

How many times is the brand seen? If the mark is on quality items, the sponsorship impact will outlast the event and connect with new pairs of eyes. How many photographs are taken of crazy runners in bright red shorts and super hero capes? And where will those photos end up?

How much value does media's involvement add to the sponsorship? How many times is the brand mentioned in team listings, race results, news articles. It's yet to be seen if "super aasman" ranks significantly in this one, but we'll do our best.

As an branding agency known for innovative solutions, "super aasman" will show through awesome costumes and fit rears that aasmanites live creatively and our sense of humour comes naturally. Additionally, the rest of Yukon and Alaska will be a little more aware of that!


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by Corey

love the super aasman!


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