On Friday, Dec 14th the Aasman crew embarked on a Christmas Hunt.   The staff split into two teams led by our fearless leaders, Al and Margriet Aasman. Many of us were also decked out in ugly (or nice) Christmas sweaters.  The teams participated in different challenges and captured these with videos and photos.  The challenges were allocated different point values and the team with the most points at the end of the hunt won! 

A few highlights from Team Al: 

A few highlights from team Margriet:

In the end Team Margriet won the hunt.

We ended our festivities with food, drinks, and singing Christmas carols with the Whitehorse Community Choir.



by Eleanor

That was a really fun and funny time!


by Rona

Awesome Awesome and more Awesome


by Jen

Rona… you should have been there :)... we missed you.


by Doug Brown

Never thought I’d see Corey kiss a moose again.

You guys are wild and out of control. Merry Christmas to all the high spirited Yukon Mountain people!


by Eleanor

Thanks Doug! Merry christmas to you too!


by Rona

I want to have been there, Jen!! I’ve often dreamed of being in a flash mob. Never would have guessed Zeke would beat me to it…


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