Some people talk about a bun in the oven in reference to babies, but at aasman we know that when something good is in the making, you don't make just one at a time.

Last week, within 18 hours of one another, three little babes were welcomed into the world—one a little early and two a little late but all three were perfectly in sync.

Congratulations Billy-Rose Bradbury, Jack Paul Klass Wiebe and George Joseph Deuling on joining us in this wonderful life, and being coordinated about it too! Well done kids. Now that's birthing on purpose!

In order of arrival, Billy-Rose, Jack and George.



by Margriet Aasman

I think this is our best work. Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous. Love, love these babies. It helps to be related to one of them!


by Nicolas

Three balls, three persons occupying the same seat, three babies, the three at the same time… A very well executed strategy on this project!


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