I heard this great quote in Patti Smith's novel Just Kids:

"The artist's duty is to balance mystical communication with the labour of creation".

It really spoke to me, especially when I think about brand work. At the end of weeks of analysis, exploring options and labouring over word choices, what comes out is a mystical result: simple communication that often seems remarkable in its clarity and resonance with the values of our clients. It's a proud moment. 

Patti was talking about drawing, poetry and collage, and I like to think of our work as those things too!

Many of Patti's photos were a collaboration with artist and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.



by Margriet Aasman

The end result of brand articulation, should be so simple and clear it is understood right away. The layers of analysis, exploring and labouring to get there should not be evident. With all the rational thinking that goes on behind this hard work, it is wonderful when it rises to become truly a creative thing.


by Eleanor

Well put Marg. I hadn’t really thought about inspiring propositions or slogans as poetry before, but I think it fits quite well.


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