for our resident web developer and nature photographer, Nicolas Dory. You might not know this, but he is an award-winning photographer. When he's not working at aasman he loves to spend hours outdoors in search of the perfect photo.

It's been a banner year for Nico, just coming off several top-place finishes including in the International Wildlife Photo Competition of Montier-en-Der (France) and in the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Mountain Landscape category photo competition.


And now, Canadian Geographic magazine has selected two of his photos for inclusion in the Best Wildlife Pictures 2013 issue. Pick up a copy of the magazine (at Mac's Fireweed Books on Main Street) and have a peek yourselves. Pages 22-23 (yes, it's a double-page spread!) and page 58 feature his imagery. If you want to see more samples of Nico's photographic prowess you can check out his site:

Congrats Nico!



by Alex

Good job on the photos Nico and thanks Mark for sharing!


by Douma

Way to go, Nico!! So proud of you and all you’ve accomplished!


by Rona

You have a real gift, Nico. Congrats!


by Doug Brown

Nico is a singular talent. LOVE his work. This is well-deserved Nico - félicitations!


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