Baby wild cats are cute, aren't they? Anyway, we've got some new blood in the aasman office—Jen Wiebe, media buyer/administrative assistant extraordinaire. Jen's a recent transplant from Langley, B.C.—we hope the less-than-stellar Whitehorse weather this summer isn't going to scare her away. 

Get to know a bit about Jen through the ol' aasman newbie questionnaire.  

How long have you been in the Yukon? 
Three months. 

First impressions?
A very beautiful spot . . . but I am still waiting for summer to arrive. 

What's the best trait you bring to your work here at Aasman?  
My ability to figure things out. Google is a wonderful tool. 

And now for the really important questions . . .

Favourite sandwich? 
Chicken and bacon with chipotle sauce. 

Best tunes to work by?
Jango . . . you can type in the name of an artist and a radio station will be designed around that artist. 

Most exotic travel experience? 
The zoo in Puerto Vallarta.  They have very few rules and very small barriers.  For just $5 you can choose to play with a baby tiger, leopard, or jaguar... all of which are in the same small pen. 

Snowboard or skis?
Skis.... though hesitantly. 

Beverage you can't live without?
Fruit smoothies. 

Any final thoughts you'd like to share with us at this time?


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