Yellowknife based Up Here magazine won Magazine of the Year at the National Magazine Awards this month. Acclaimed for being the magazine that most consistently engages, surprises and serves the needs of its readers, the judges described Up Here as "distinctive, fresh and unpredictable with engaging and accessible content that crosses both disciplinary and geographical boundaries. Its commitment and passion are very evident—and contagious."

A few other mentionables include:

- Best Magazine Cover: for Report on Business, art directed by Domenic Macri, designed by Julie Dickson

- Illustration: Roxanna Bikadoroff for "Floating Like the Dead" in Vancouver Review.

- Website of the year: A lighthearted-feeling site with enticing puppy videos and piles of easy to find information, all about dogs

- Best visual design in web: Slick and cool without being convoluted, this site is all in French if you're looking for news that way.

- Best art direction for an entire issue: Janine Vangool for the launch issue of Uppercase, Spring '09. I'm particularity excited about this new magazine because it's all about making, curating and publishing visual culture.

For the complete list of winners, visit the National Magazine Awards website. 


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