Well, look at this. It's Friday again. Here's the icing on top of your week—a few interesting, informative and potentially inspiring things to look at during the mid-afternoon slump. 

Corey was looking at a minimalist, space-saving computer desk.  

Kristen alerted us to a new anti-smoking public service ad out of Thailand. Since the ad was introduced, there has been a 40% increase in calls to the Thai Health Promotion Foundation hotline. Any thoughts on the creative approach?

Zeke's been digging on  sculptures by Maskull Lasserre. Check out a skull made of books and some anatomically-inspired work.  (Thanks for this Zeke. Love this stuff.) 

I have nothing to contribute this week because a) I have been nothing but completely efficient and productive all week—no time for web surfings! or b) the stuff I was looking at is entirely inappropriate—can't let the bosses know, let alone the general public. 

Have a lovely weekend, folks. 


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