The Victory Lab - The secret science of winning campaigns

Beliefs are dangerous and volatile things, responsible for war and famine but also innovation and growth. As communicators we battle perception, jousting our creative swords, hoping to align audience and client perceptions. We create believers.

Whether the belief is in a product, organization, idea or a person, communicators are in the business of fostering belief.

So, it's with this in mind, that I present to you The Victory Lab, by Sasha Issenberg.

Few people realize that American political campaigns are mostly run by the marketing and PR industry. It's not how we tend to experience elections. In fact, the 2008 Obama campaign was awarded Marketer of the Year in 2008 by Ad Age and received several other awards as well.

I share Sasha's novel (ok, ok, I listened to the audiobook on repeat for 2 weeks, whatever.) with you, the aasman blog reader, because we can all learn from what's happening in politics.

Voting is a learned behaviour, just like picking a specific toothpaste or fabric softener. In fact, there exists a detailed algorithm that can determine with a high level of accuracy who you are likely to vote for based on nothing more than your favourite type of beer.

So, what does that mean to Yukoners? I don't know yet. What I do know is that everyday we are measured and tracked, every click and swipe helping create a profile of us as individuals. It's changing how we communicate, how targeted we can be and for those who are paying attention, how effective we can be.

If you're in the business of changing minds and fostering belief, do yourself a favour and pick up this book (or audiobook). Then, if you're feeling intrigued, check out aasman insights to become part of a growing community of Yukoners paying close attention to the science behind creating belief.


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by Eleanor

Yes sir! I wonder if it would be good on my iPod at the gym.


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