Downtown south is on the agenda tonight in Whitehorse as Council meets to discuss and vote on the Downtown South Master Plan

It's been an interesting few months for the city. A logo/tagline change sold as a rebranding was rebuffed by citizens leading to a modification of the existing logo. Some folks cried "waste" while others, (like ourselves) tried to clarify that logos aren't brands. 

So what is a brand when it comes to the City of Whitehorse?

How locals and visitors interact with a city, its streets and traffic patterns, the design and size of buildings, blend of commercial and residential, the green space and signage all reflect a city's brand. 

Putting logo trouble aside, tonight's council discussion and subsequent vote on the "Master Plan" will be a telling sign of what city leaders feel the brand of our fair home ought to be.

What do you think? Want to attend? It's tonight, July 25th, at 7:30pm in Council Chambers (City Hall, 2121 Second Ave.) 


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by Doug Brown

The first thing that has to be decided is who is the audience for this brand. It seems that the city currently wants it to be all things to all people and that will never work. The locals will always have a different view of a city than tourists. For example, I don’t think of the whale watching, high tea at the Empress Hotel and the Legislature when I think of Victoria, but that’s what tourists see. Be interesting to see where this public forum takes them.


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