Aasman's Art Director, Valérie Théorêt, currently has work featured in Through a Feminine Lens, a photography exhibit at L'Association franco-yukonnaise.

The loose theme, of women photographers featuring women, presents a range of related topics and styles.

Théorêt's piece "Nord et Blanc," challenges the stereotype of the rugged northern woman in nine images that collage photographic portraits, illustration and hand-rendered text. Her process involved a personal and affectionate exploration into the lives of nine Francophone women living in Whitehorse.

Upon arriving in the Territory in 2006, Théorêt's own perceptions of the courageous northerner were confronted by a community of creative and sensitive women. Three years later, an invitation to participate in Through a Feminine Lens provided an opportunity to examine her discovery more closely. Each of Théorêt's subjects were interviewed about their relationship with the North, with Yukon being the personified character. The result is an intimate and colourful arrangement of portraits. Théorêt frames the gentle Yukon woman in her work and unveils the layers of their fluctuating love stories with the North.   

The other participating photographers are all based in Quebec. The work of Pilar Marcias photocollages the life story of her models exploring aging, Nadine Boulianne fragments the natural feminine form, and Marie-Espérance Cerda investigates the lives of real women in Mali.

This is the exhibit's second installment. It first showed in Rivière-du-Loup on International Women's Day in March.

Through a Feminine Lens runs at  L'Association franco-yukonnaise (302, Strickland) until November 13th, 2009.

Check out Yukon News' article @ yukon-news.com/arts/14480/


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