Warning: Mild horn-tooting ahead.



Aasman recently received a TOMMIE 2010 Finalist Award Certificate for Excellence in Web Design from the Canadian Home Builders Association Central Okanagan.


Aasman created the honoured site for Quiniscoe Homes Ltd. Web developers Nicolas Dory and Zeke Aasman built a site with a front end that promotes the company and showcases Quiniscoe’s stunning custom designed homes. Quiniscoe is a unique company that prides itself on not just building homes, but relationships, too. So our web design team created a back end for client users – clients can access a direct line of communication with their project manager and follow the construction progress of their dream home every step of the way. Graphic designers Bernice Alderson and Valérie Théorêt created a clean, warm and confident design for the site that reflects Quiniscoe's personality and provides the perfect setting for the company's work to speak for itself. 


We’re thrilled the site has been recognized. Quiniscoe was a great client to work with, and we’re happy to contribute to the branding and development of such an innovative company. Take a look at their portfolio and get inspired – I've already cobbled together my  fantasy home with ideas from the picture gallery. Now, if only Aasman would pony up the salary to match the fantasy lifestyle I've grown accustomed to...




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by Eleanor

good work aasmanites!


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