Traveling has changed a lot since immersing myself in the world of design about a decade ago. I still look at landscapes, art, and historic sights, but there's a whole other category of things to look at. Advertising and wayfinding are obvious points of interest, but in Berlin, you'll find a statue of the man who invented fill-in-the-blank forms field (form fields).

Who knew!

Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein, commonly known as Baron von Stein lived from 1757–1831 and is more known for Prussian reforms leading to the unification of Germany.
It doesn't say anything about the form fields on his wikipedia page so I'm basing this fact solely on my tour guide's words. Regardless, I was rather excited. Here I am posing as if filling in a form.

ps. according to the the Form page on wikipedia Charles Babbage, (1791–1871) invented them.

I'll post a follow up around tax time to get you excited about all that paperwork!


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