I love taking the London underground because it's full of advertising. There are posters for musical after musical (there's currently a Ghost musical, f.y.i.) and a whole gamut of ads for art and design exhibitions, events, products, etc, etc… Below is one of my favourites.

Many clients get nervous about excessive whitespace, but this is one ad that undeniably would not work without it!

If you can't read it in the photo to ad goes like this:

A                  Golf
is                  up
to                 10%
cheaper        to
run                over
3                   years
than              the
competition.  It's
true,              no
need             to
shake            your

Unbelievable value. Das Auto.

I love it! I only saw half of it at first and thought it was an unfinished install, but alas, I squinted to see and someone moved out of the way so then I understood! A great aha moment.



by Neil

In a cramped and dirty space like the London underground that sort of white space would really stand out as clean. I wonder how they are measuring the spot, i’d imagine they would be happy with the results!


by Eleanor

True Neil, it really did stand out.


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