Saturday marked the first time I used Twitter from a roaming event I was at.

It was a pub crawl (or as it was called on Twitter #horsecrawl) and as one might expect, it went a little off schedule. But rather than stressing about being in a different place than the Facebook event had schedules, I referred the Facebook folk to twitter for up to the minute locations and felt reassured that I was doing the good service of keeping people up to date. Thank you Twitter.

I hope to follow other #horsecrawl events in the future

A side note about projecting one image online and the reality being very different:

The main reason for being off schedule was because of efforts to brand the event with T-shirts before it started. Try finding an inkjet printer—yeesh—it was stressful. That could be a whole rant in itself, but the point is, after biking across town half a dozen times I needed to sit down. According to the internet, I was having a wild time at the Yukon Brewery… but in reality, I was sitting on a couch at home having a "who can play the saddest song" contest….

Oh, how I laughed when I realized the lie I was living. Have you had that experience? Either intentionally or not?




by Henry

That lynx is looking foxy.


by Eleanor

Thanks Henry. Apparently it’s been there for over 30 years!


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